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Pia has been working privately with clients for over 30 years.  A private consultation includes taking a detailed history, identifying contributing factors and explaning why your pet is exhibiting the unwanted behavior.  All results include a customized program with assistance and guidance to help implement a training program.

Note:  Fees vary based on many factors and will be quoted after a conversation with Pia to get more information about your pet.

Dog Behavior Specialist

Private Consultations

Dog or Cat Behavior Problems

Training and Fun!

Pia will come to your home to observe your pet in its home environment.  Pia uses positive, scientific training methods with great success.  She also works closely with your veterinarian or a local veterinary behaviorist should be there be a need for medication.


  • Aggression towards people or other pets

  • Fears, phobias, and anxiety

  • Resource guarding

  • Dog aggressive dogs -- taking it to the streets!

  • Housetraining and litter box problems

  • Excessive vocalization

  • Destruction and escape

  • Difficulty handling for restraint or grooming

  • Separation anxiety problems

  • and more....


In addition to working with problem behaviors, Pia has educated trainers and clients around the world and offers the following private training sessions:


  • Basic manners

  • Impulse control exercises

  • Getting your puppy off on the right paw

  • Developing playgroups

  • Teaching your dog how to play well with others

  • Dogs and children (fun and games)

  • Puppy and kitten wellness, socialization, and problem preventation training

Phone Consults

If you live out of the Weaverville/Asheville, NC, Pia offers phone consultations and has been successful helping clients around the country.  

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