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One-Hour Sessions


Fees are $125 to $175 per hour for private consulting or $50 to $75 per person for group counseling of four or more people. Note:  There is an extra charge for travel.


Below is a list of available sessions.

Trainer Mentoring - One-Hour Sessions with Pia

Private Career Counseling

If you are thinking about a career in the field of training, Pia can arrange a private career counseling session with you in person or by phone. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

The Best Way to Develop Play Groups

This is a hands-on session working with dogs at your facility.  Learn how to set up your play groups the right way: for safely and effectively socializing puppies as well as driving your business.

Developing a Rock Solid Curriculum for Pet Training Classes

If you are not happy with your curriculum, bored with it, or starting out and want to learn how to achieve success, keeping clients coming back for more and spreading the word about you, Pia has developed curricula which is being used around the world with great success.  She will discuss what works and what doesn't.  There is an additional charge for reviewing your curriculum in advance or helping you to change/develop an entirely new lesson plan to achieve success.

Customized Consultations


Get help with a training plan for your most challenging cases.  You have the option for Pia to sit in on your case with the client or Pia will make herself available via teleconference.  Either way, Pia will provide you with a training plan that you can carry out.  It's like referring your client to a behavior expert, but with the opportunity to learn and enact the training plan yourself.  Follow-up sessions are available, of course!

Getting Behaviors and Making Them Stick!  The True Success of a Great Dog Trainer!

Did you ever wonder why the dog "can do it at home" but not out in the real world?  This mentor program is for trainers as well as those interested in getting successful performances.  Pia will discuss how to build a solid foundation, help you to understand motivations, as well as knowing when to push forward, push back or re-evaluate.  There are stages of learning which many don't take into consideration.  "Ring" smart?  "Only does it at home!"? Nah!  Not in Pia's repertoire!

Dog/Dog Aggression Classes

Have you been thinking about starting your own "reactive dog" class?  Pia is the originator of the first dog/dog training course in the United States  She has successfully graduated over 1,500 dogs from the course.  Pia will help you develop a curriculum for your space, facility and much more.  There is an addtional charge for reviewing your curriculum in advance of helping you to change/develop an entirely new lesson plan to achieve success.

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